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. >>> the country is just 12 days away from going over that fiscal cliff. carla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, talking about house speaker john boehner's plan "b," here is more. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner's plan would extend the current tax breaks on people making up to $1 million a year and it would help on automatic spending cuts for majority of americans and a long term deal would have to come later. president barack obama has threatened plan "b" and he wants to extend tax rates for those making 400,000 a year. it is a way to get the president to bulging more in negotiations. >> they keep finding ways to say no as opposed to finding ways to say yes. >> he could be responsible for the largest tax increase in history. >> as for negotiations, a lot of taxpayers fear we will go over the fiscal cliff and they will lose more on current tax breaks. carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a new pole shows majority of americans are now in favor of gun control following the newtown connecticut school shooting. many are in favor of making all guns illegal and that's
cruzar la droga de mÉxico hacia estados unidos, carla llevo las cÁmaras de noticias univisiÓn hasta una garita de arizona con los que capturÓ las deferentes forma comos las personas quieren ingresar la droga a este paÍs. >>> millones de peatones cruzan por la garita de (...) cada uno de ellos podrÍa ser un posible traficante, pero los agentes de la aduana estÁn entrenados para ver quiÉn es sospechoso. >>> son personas hombres mujeres chicos menores de edad hasta gente mayor que intentan hacer cruzar las droga. >>> nuestra cÁmara fue testigo un joven fue inspecciÓn aed en su ropa tenÍa 3 paquetes de droga, las autoridades detectan este tipo de contrabando casi a diario, en este caso el menor de edad ponen en riesgo su libertad. >>> las cantidades no son grandes porque lo que puede cargar una persona en su cuerpo no es mucho. >>> estos llamamoss cargadores cruzan pequeÑas cantidad de drogas pero tambiÉn se detecta dinero en efectivo, en la inspecciÓn los agentes, revisan que no se trabo que dinero que tenga * relaciones al crimen. >>> una persona que entra por el desierto con u
apparently. >> back here. cal-trans today appointed the first woman to be the state chief engineer. carla will be responsible for all engineering aspects of the department construction projects across the state. she will oversee 9,000 employees and annual budget of nearly 2 billion dollars. she has been with cal-trans for 26 years. >>> times person of the year will be known tomorrow but 2 ceo from silicon are among the fineist. yahoo and apple found e o are in the running. an cook replaced steve jobs last year when the former ceo passed away. the other 6 nominee include president obama. bill and hilary clinton. egyptian president morsi and undocumented americans. we shall find out tomorrow. >> come up. major step toward equity for women in the military. the decade long ban on its way toward being lifted. >> plus. i'm if sacramento. in response to the connecticut shooting state lawmakers introduced more gun control la laws. state treasurer wants to pull investment money from gun manufacturing firm wlichlt do you think it will go at this point. >> i have no further comment. >>re
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3